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20 hours ago Seattle. vs San Francisco and. Jim Harbaugh vs Pete Carroll aren't shabby. rivalries either Here are ten things to look for while watching New 

Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh insist the animosity of their relationship is overplayed It seems the genesis of their rivalry has | ChatSeahawks com

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4 days ago. Darya and Gary Talk About the Harbaugh vs Carroll Rivalry. rival Seattle Seahawks with that familiar coaching sideshow with Pete Carroll

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5 days ago Jim Harbaugh is 4-2 against Pete Carroll in the NFL He was 2-1 against him when he coached Stanford / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress 

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Dec 6, 2013. Seattle comes to San Francisco on. Sunday with an 11-1 record and However, Harbaugh has to win this one otherwise Pete Carroll will get 

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Pete Carroll vs Jim Harbaugh - they're so different, yet they both find success We discuss the long rivalry. between the two of them John Clayton is here to talk  

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Dec 9, 2013 Jim Harbaugh improved his record against Pete Carroll. and the Seahawks to 4-2 since became the head coach The five-game home winning  1 day ago From Petrino and Saban to Harbaugh, Jimmy Johnson, and Carroll Pete Carroll left USC for Seattle, and is now in his third playoffs in four seasons Yeah, but Greg Schiano was an. Seattle & New. England vs Denver 

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6 days ago It's also Pete. Carroll vs Jim Harbaugh, coaches whose enmity dates to Nov. 14, 2009, when Harbaugh's Stanford. Cardinal beat Carroll's USC 

5 days. ago Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll first faced off against each other in the college ranks when Harbaugh was at Stanford and Carroll USC Nov 17, 2009. Jim Harbaugh continues to provoke. USC coach Pete Carroll

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Jun 14, 2013 Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh both coached their respective teams to 11 victories in "He's never gonna be. out there lined up against me.


Feb 24, 2011 In Harbaugh's four years at Stanford, he went 3-1 against USC, including a 2-1 head-to-head record against Carroll The 2007 win by 

3 days ago Before they became elite NFL coaches squaring off for the NFC Championship, Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh were rivals on the college 

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1 day ago Jim Harbaugh vs Pete Carroll and Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning Young Quarterback vs Young Quarterback and Old Quarterback vs
1 day ago Jim Harbaugh vs Pete Carroll; Colin. Kaepernick vs. Russell Wilson; The Inconvenient. Truth vs Beast Mode; the arms race. of free agent 
2 days ago Although in the Harbaugh-Carroll era Jim Harbaugh does have a 4-2 record. against Pete Carroll, the Seahawks have one the last two at home 
Dec 22, 2012 The rivalry between the 49ers' Jim Harbaugh, above, the former Stanford. coach, and Seattle's Pete Carroll dates to their college days (Full-size 
We predict that Pete Carroll and USC will have a 11-1 record in 2008. We see another closer than expected game against Oregon, with USC's depth and Jim Harbaugh is working very hard at Stanford, but he does not have the players to 
17 Jan: San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh vs Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll [NFL-VID] 17 Jan:. Remembering the Seattle Seahawks' exec who 
3 days. ago RENTON, Wash. - Chip Kelly's introduction to life as a head coach came in the Pac-10 in 2009, when Southern California's Pete Carroll stood 
5 days ago. 49ers vs Seahawks under Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll. The 49ers head coach is also 4-2. against Carroll in the NFL. When asked if. this  Dec 5, 2013 His San Francisco 49ers have lost two straight to Pete Carroll's Seattle Jim Harbaugh has a 3-2 record against Pete Carroll in the NFL Named head coach on January 11, 2010, Pete Carroll became the eighth head Carroll's overall head coaching record is 47-49 in the regular season and 2-3 in He received the Courageous Leadership Award from Women Against Gun  USC vs. Arizona - Oct 13, 2007. PETE CARROLL USC HEAD FOOTBALL COACH Energetic and charismatic ninth-year USC head football coach Pete Carroll  Pete Carroll. Career Record: 9 Years, 97-19, 836. Pct (*at major schools) ** W-L-T adjusted to 83-19 by. Bowl Record: 9 Bowls, 7-2, 778 Pct (*in major bowls) 
3 days ago. 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, right, has a 4-2. edge on Pete Carroll's Seahawks been pitted against each other regularly and the full force of their win-win won the division in 2010 (though with a 7-9 record) and this season
5 days ago The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are about as evenly matched as two NFL teams can be, as evidenced by their intimidating 

5 days. ago In the Fabulous Feud of Pete Carroll v Oh, and he's 6-3 overall against Carroll. Meanwhile, Harbaugh is witty, bizarre and on the record.

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    6 days. ago Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh have, to put it kindly, a history -- and Adam Schein can't wait to see how it plays out when the Seattle Seahawks  For other people named Peter Carroll, see Peter Carroll record of 97–19. ( 83. 6%); A winning record of 14–2 against traditional rivals Notre Dame and UCLA 

    4 days ago. From earlier this season: Jim Harbaugh vs Pete Carroll, how the perpetual rivalry began and why it endures Posted by Tim Kawakami on  3 days ago. Pete Carroll's Seahawks have played Jim Harbaugh's 49ers six times but this will be the first playoff meeting 2 days ago Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh insist the animosity. of their relationship is overplayed It seems the genesis of their rivalry has hinged on the 

    71-57 W-L, 4-4 W-L in playoffs, 0 SB won, Seahawks/Patriots/Jets/ 1990-2013, born in CA 1951 Dec 10, 2013 Without the coaches, 49ers-Seahawks wouldn't even be a rivalry Pete Carroll embodies the Seahawks and. their fans perfectly: a ray of 

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    Peter Clay "Pete" Carroll is the head coach and executive vice president of the. Although the Seahawks finished with a 7-9. record, they won five-of-six in the. He received the Courageous Leadership Award from Women Against Gun  YOU ARE HERE: LAT Home?Collections?Usc. Coach Pete Carroll USC Coach Pete Carroll has been. hung out to dry by Mike Garrett Pete Carroll. vs 5 days ago Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and San Francisco His dad was a great football coach as well, I used to coach against @ILoveMyWife You should maybe go take a look at Carroll's record at New England Dec 24, 2012 Pete, for those of you unfamiliar. with one of the most entertaining While Carroll's respect for Harbaugh, against whom he had a 1-5 record 

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4 days. ago. Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh. shake handsPhoto by Thearon W Harbaugh has a 4-2 record against Pete Carroll's. Seahawks since being