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Aug 23, 2012. Lolo Jones doesn't have. an Olympic gold medal. ago in London amid a media firestorm created by a New York Times article suggesting she 

Aug 7, 2012 Over the weekend Jeré Longman of the New York Times published. this piece about female Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones. It is by all accounts 

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Aug 8, 2012 American track star Lolo Jones got emotional in a Today Show interview, a tearful Lolo Jones responded to. a scathing New York Times story “They should be. supporting our U S Olympic athletes and instead. they just 

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Aug 8, 2012 Lolo Jones' shot at an Olympic medal ended Tuesday, but shots against media attention she's received, particularly from a New York Times 

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Aug 7, 2012 Jones was trying to remain upbeat. yet honest at the same time. critical story about her in “The New York Times” lit up the running chat rooms.

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Aug 10, 2012. Covering the business of. sports and the Olympics Follow Following Unfollow Lolo Jones (Image. via NY Times) “Athletes are extremists,” she 

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Aug 6, 2012 WOMAN: A Rebuttal to Jeré Longman's New York Times Lolo Jones Bashing Since I'm at the Olympic Games, I wanted to use my blog to  Aug 8, 2012 In the highly televised, highly market-ized. 2012 Summer Olympics there weekend's New York Times article on American hurdler Lolo Jones, 

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Aug 6, 2012. the New York Times published an article that strongly criticized her, and outspoken Christian, Jones' return to the 2012 Olympics comes 

Aug 8, 2012 As if Lolo Jones wasn't already having a bad. enough day after barely missing a medal in the Tearful Lolo Jones Is 'Heartbroken' Over New York Times Hit Job This interview reveals my biggest. problem with the Olympics

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Aug 8, 2012 on NBC's 'Today' show and talked. about a recent New York Times article. of Dawn Harper of the U S. and Lolo Jones of the U. S (C) to win the. women's Olympic medal count: A day of ups. and downs for the US women.


Aug 13, 2012. The New York Times's transparent hit. job on Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones.

Aug 8, 2012 It's a lose-lose lose situation for Olympic runner Lolo Jones when it comes. But, it was a New York Times profile on the athlete that really had 

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Aug 8, 2012 Lolo Jones reacts after qualifying for 2012 Olympics by coming in third in the. The Times article said Jones has "received. far greater publicity than any NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 21: Alex Rodriguez #13 of the New York 
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Aug 11, 2012. So said a New York Times article written Tuesday which LoLo. herself responded to on the Today show Wednesday morning “I have the 
Aug 6, 2012 That authoritative voice you hear narrating. Olympics coverage may belong to someone New York Times criticized. for Lolo Jones story.
Aug 8, 2012 Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones says she is "crushed" over being "ripped to shreds" by the New York Times in an article, "For Lolo Jones, 
Aug 9, 2012 Over the weekend, Jeré Longman of the New York Times published. this piece about female Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones. It is, by all accounts, 
Aug 6, 2012 New York Times sports reporter Jere. Longman doesn't approve of a NYT Attack on Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones as 'Vixen, Virgin, Victim'
Aug 8, 2012. This hasn't been Olympic Hurdler Lolo. Jones' week and ironically it has. New York Times writer Jere Longman would. say that's because of a  Aug 8, 2012. Heading into the London Olympics, Lolo Jones only stood behind Michael But Lolo Jones doesn't need a medal or the New York Times or  Aug 9, 2012 Then, The New York Times article came out. Just days before her race, the newspaper questioned why she's so famous for accomplishing so  We are big fans of Lolo Jones here at Muscle & Fitness—we interviewed her hurdler and other sprinters to talk about. their own time at the Olympics and to. The New York Jet talks about training, gaming and his goals for the 2014 season. Aug 12, 2012 New York Times writer Jere Longman criticized the sprinter for Do I think Lolo Jones' ethnically ambiguous. look factors into the media 
Aug 8, 2012 The Olympic hurdler says a recent New York Times article "ripped me to shreds"
Aug 8, 2012. LONDON — LoLo Jones stood in the. tunnel under Olympic Stadium and. cynical marketing campaign" I read. about in the New York Times the 

Dec 8, 2013 Track athlete Lolo Jones could be closer. to returning to the Olympic stage with Jazmine Fenlator and Lauryn. Williams with a time of 1:39 24

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    Aug 7, 2012 The problem here is not Jones' performance It's the disconnect between athlete image and pragmatic expectation The New York Times. got a  Aug 9, 2012. Lolo Jones went on the Today Show to cry about a New York Times. in the fastest ever women's 100 meter hurdle race in Olympic history

    news, pictures, articles, and more. Lolo Jones is an Olympic Track and Field athlete. The New York Times. among them, even What's her alleged problem? Aug 8, 2012 The article in question is a New York. Times piece entitled "For Lolo Lolo Jones seems to have only a slim chance of winning an Olympic  Aug 9, 2012 Jones appeared on NBC's ''Today'' on Wednesday and was asked. about a recent story in The New York Times that said her stardom had more 

    Aug 8, 2012 The New York Times article depicting Lolo. Jones as a “profiteer of the who actually WON THE GOLD last Olympics when LoLo came in 7th 

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    Aug 8, 2012 Lolo Jones isn't all about being a media hound as the New York Times accused her Back in 2008 she donated her prize money to a single  Aug 9, 2012 "For Lolo Jones, Everything Is Image" claimed Jere Longman for The New York Times as a prominent face (and body) put on the entire Olympics for Americans: For the first time at these Games, every competing nation has sent a female participant NY-GOV covers the New York governor's race. Aug 8, 2012 The New York Times attempted to pick up on this undercurrent of media envy with a soul-crushing attack on. os-lolo-jones-olympics-2012. May 23, 2012 Lolo Jones, a 29-year-old U S Olympic hurdler, recently tweeted that she's a virgin, Rednasil Ber · Top Commenter. · New York, New York. 30 Times You Wanted To Smack The Smug Off The New England Patriots' Faces 

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Aug 8, 2012. Getty Images: Lolo Jones placed fourth in the 100-meter hurdles “This was in some part because of her accomplishments, as a two-time Olympian and, than a checking account,” the New York Post's Mike Vaccaro writes